About the name… “all-american girl”… it’s meant as a joke, a stab at our society.  I began using that name online in 1999 when I first started my webcam/journal.  Some people didn’t get it – they thought it was a serious name, took one look at my photos and said, “you’re not the all-american girl!!!”   hahaha.   But actually, I am.  I am a product of our society just like everyone else.  Like it or not… there are people just like me everywhere.

I am a death metal singer.  I’ve been singing since I was 15 and it’s one of my greatest passions.  Live performance is one of the few things in life that makes me happy time and time again.  I enjoy being on stage and I love entertaining.  Besides singing, I also do go-go dancing, runway modeling for fashion shows, and fetish performances at events.

I’m also a gaming dork.  I’ve been into games since about 5.  I started with text-based INFOCOM games at the computer, but also loved my older sister’s ATARI 26oo with my favorite game being Missile Command.  When I was like 7… the NES became a huge part of my life.  Fuckin Legend of Zelda, baby!!  (That was my alltime favorite.)  Others I enjoyed a lot were, TMNT Arcade, Excitebike, Super Mario 2 (I liked 1 and 3 also but 2 was my favorite), DUCK HUNT, Tetris, and Dr. Mario. Sega Master System and Sega Genesis followed.  Sonic the Hedgehog was my favorite on Genesis and remains one of my favorite series’ to this day.  (Sonic Rush for DS is probably my favorite there… three words:  BLAZE THE CAT!!)  The last console system I had for awhile after that was SNES.   I became quite addicted to computer games after this point.

Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM was where it started.  Then came DIABLO and then…. then came the game that I would become so addicted to I didn’t need to leave the house anymore… EVERQUEST.    Somehow I’d missed Ultima Online (but I ended up getting into it for awhile after discovering MMORPG’s) and EQ was in it’s prime.  It was just after Scars of Velious was released.  One of my then bandmates was heavily into it and took me under his wing.  He was part of an elite guild that I would later join myself.  He powerleveled me up to around 25 so I could get my bearings.   I was a dark elf wizard  :)  Pretty soon I was quad-kiting all by myself and grinding exp for 12+ hours at a time.  One of the best things about becoming addicted to EverQuest was that it kept me out of trouble.  At the time I was out partying, drinking, and getting way too fucked up on drugs every week… but this game made all of that go away very quickly – couldn’t play it if I was inebriated.    Some of my friends, as well as my parents, didn’t like that I played so much and were concerned that I was spending money on a game.  Big deal – I made all that money back when I sold platinum for $150 a pop!    (I only did this a handful of times, mind you, I wasn’t farming for plat all the time, it was just cash I accumulated during regular gameplay)

I played on the E’Ci server and was part of the guild ARETE, which was one of the top guilds on the server.  I was pretty serious about my character… I don’t take anything I do lightly… when I get into something, I REALLY get into it.  Thus I was in a hardcore raiding guild and stayed that way for about 5 years.  I spent 2 years in Arete and then moved to the Zebuxoruk server.  I moved there because I was tired of all the dumbasses on that server, and also because I was regularly getting harrassed by other players for being a “camgirl”.   It ended up being a very awesome change, because after I moved, I joined DARK HORIZON which was one of the Top 10 Guilds serverwide….ever.  They were much better players and had a somewhat notorious reputation amongst the community.  I fit in great.  :)

Sadly I couldn’t continue to play EQ for 80 hours a week (lol)…eventually I had to go back to real life… pursue my education, my career… get a better job… stuff like that.  Sure, it was great to sit around and make income solely online all day – having a really popular webcam site gave me the ability to make several hundred bucks a week with minimal effort.  But like most things except for EQ, I got bored of it after awhile.

Once I pried myself away from EQ a little bit, I was able to get into modeling and acting a little bit.  I spent a few years without being in a band and had to find something to do with my time, and these activities filled in that gap nicely.   I started doing fetish and alternative fashion modeling, making a modest salary which left something to be desired.  Living in Boston, it’s been quite difficult to have a lucrative career in either of these fields, without having a talent agent.   I’ve always represented myself and have found my own work.  Given the opportunity, I would have loved (and still would love) to have an agent or a manager… but in this niche of things, especially in a place like Boston, it’s really really hard to find one.

Currently, I’m in school for massage therapy, I hold a Liberal Arts degree from Harvard, and I’m finally in an amazing band that I’ve spent so long searching for, SORROWSEED!    As far as general stuff I like… heavy metal, industrial, clubbing, tattoos, sugar, snuggling with my boyfriend, 420 activism, all kinds of food, and watching cartoons.  RaWrrrrrrrr.