The All-American Girl hath returned.

I decided it was time to change up my webcam/blog site.  I had a lot of fun doing it over the years, but over time it sorta morphed and changed into different things, and my enthusiasm fizzled out.  I decided to get back to the roots of why I began doing it in the first place, and that was to document my life, and share it.  I like to remember the things I do, and what better way than to write and record them?  Throw in some pics and video and BAM.  I’ll always remember my amazing adventures, and plus I get to share them with you!  So, I really hope to bring some life back into things – I’ve adopted a WordPress environment so that other people will be able to comment on my postings – I was doing Livejournal forEVER and EVER … but then they started throwing ads all over their pages … and it kind of died out a little.. and I spend enough money on other things that I can’t justify paying for LiveJournal anymore (although I was for awhile).

SO… please take a few minutes and register an account right here with me!  It’s fast & easy and  then you can leave me comments.  And if you have any suggestions or questions you can leave those too.

Welcome to the new site!  <3

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