More Jan 2011 stuff… Peabody Essex Museum in Salem!

Other stuff from January!

Went to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem with Cooooookie and Juliette just before Cookie left – that was very neat.  Unfortunately the museum was totally packed because it was a Sunday and one of the exhibits was closing that day.  The sheer amount of people made the experience far less enjoyable, although I did really like it and would like to return sometime.  😀


This is a real irrigation device.  The picture kinda sucks but it looked really cool in person.  It was also taller than me by like a foot.


And that is a really awesome chessboard from China.  The horse pieces look especially fucking cool!!

And… here’s a painting from Calcutta, Krishna worshipping a girl’s feet.. from the 1800’s!!   Even all the way back then they had things right  ^.^      I much approve of this piece of art.

And… this was my favorite thing in the entire museum.  I saw this from across the room and my jaw dropped.  I mean.  HOLY FUCK.  Imagine getting hurt by one of these things??  Those are fucking shark teeth!!  O.O


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