COOOOOKIEEEEE is ColoradoBound!!

Earlier this month our beloved CrystalCookie embarked upon a new journey – to Denver, CO to start a new life with Hemptress December… baking yummy 420 edibles… :) Of course it was bittersweet to see her go, but it seems like this is going to be a great thing for her. And now I’ll have an excuse to go on a Colorado vacation sometime! I really loved CO… got stranded in Boulder for a week when I was traveling with my sweetie, and although it kinda sucked moneywise, it was a really NICE place to be stranded for awhile. They’ve got a wonderful cannabis community out there as well as a beautiful climate and environment!

Anyways, here’s a few pictures =) Myself with people that I luv!

Me n Sarah Sparks!

Me n Sarah Sparks! This picture is so freaking adorable I can barely handle it. <3


Coookieeefaceeee ...awwwwrghh!!

lol :)  Cookieluvvvv!
Awesome lovelies!!  Ty, Amber, me, and Allie!!  yayyy!!

Awesome lovelies!! Ty, Amber, me, and Allie!! yayyy!!

Thomas, Morte, & Lilith - 1/3rd of SORROWSEEEEEEEEEEDDDD!

Thomas, Morte, & Lilith - 1/3rd of SORROWSEEEEEEEEEEDDDD!

Me being ridiculous with Josh's scarf.  lol

Me being ridiculous with Josh's scarf. lol

(thanx to Peregrine Pix for these)

Sooo… this shindig was at Dodge St in Salem.  Cookie wanted a whole bunch of her favorite friends’ bands to play (Planetoid was there as well as the Big Ol Dirty Bucket and some others who I can’t remember the name of… DAve Crespo’s band was there too)  and so…even though we were lacking a drummer, Sorrowseed wanted to play and be a part of Ms Cystal’s farewell sendoff.  So, we did something we’d never done before… a fuckin acoustic set!  What? Acoustic metal?  But yes.  It could be done, because a lot of the stuff Morte wrote was melodic, and with the aid of Thomas (the other founding member of Sorrowseed), they were able to come up with a really nice acoustic version of several of the songs… including “Cancer of Blades”, a song told by the Reaping Willow.  In the normal version of this song, I’m deathgrowling and screaming, and there are some melodic verses done by Bonnie to represent the Weeping Willow.   I really wanted to try and make it work, but the only way to do that was by singing it clean – I started trying low growls but it just wasn’t working.. .and so… for the very first time… I sang using CLEAN VOCALS!!   My heart was pounding with trepidation, but to my relief it actually sounded ok!  After the set was over, I was still shaking a little, but my friends gave me incredible support! They loved it and assured me that it didn’t suck!  Especially appreciated were the words from Amber and Allie, who are both singers.  I could hear Amber screaming for me while I was on stage too.  I was so grateful for their support and kind words, and I now have some confidence that I can really, actually sing and not just scream :)  Even Morte was pleased, which made me feel even better.

We got the show videotaped…to our surprise, there were a LOT of people who were interested in seeing this acoustic set that couldn’t be there.  We figured no one would really care, but the response we got just before the show from lots of people being like, “How come we didn’t hear about this?  I want to go!” was sort of shocking, actually.   Since it went somewhat well, I’m hoping we can do something like this again in the future, perhaps at an outdoor summer festival that I’ve been wanting to play at for awhile…  but yeah.  If you’d like to check it out, watch the video.  It contains the whole set … the song with me singing on it is about halfway through.

Ahhhhh.  Dammit, it seems like this was so long ago already, but it was only 2 weeks ago!  It’s going to be awhile still before our next show, it seems like eons away dammit.  The next show will be our CD release party, which should end up being really awesome just as soon as we can secure a location for it – it’s proving more difficult than we thought to get a nice place booked.  Oh wellz.  It’ll happen.  :)

That’s it for now!  Got more on the way.  hehe

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