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Hello my dears, already it’s been awhile since I last posted – indeed life’s grand activities and adventures often take precedence over the act of sitting down at one’s computer and recording them.  Getting photos up and all that good stuff is actually quite a lot of work.  I had intended on keeping up with it better though – I think I’ve just been a little careless with time management, and as usual, moving at such a fast pace that it’s easy to let things like internet stuffs fall behind.  As I speak, I am incredibly behind on emails and personal correspondence – some of which is rather important.

But, I just got back from a lovely little Carribean escape with my sweety, and after clearing out my head a little bit and soaking in some rays, I think I’m feeling quite a bit better about things now.  I am actually in the process of moving (again!) … not far, just another Boston suburb for the time being,  and that process will be complete by the end of March.  End of March will also see my spring break from school and I’m thinking I want another international trip …  :)   We’ll see if that all works out!

Anywayz, after I deal with class finals that are fast approaching (eep), I shall be catching up here.  Stay tuunnEeeeEd!  😀

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