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The start of 2011!

So a couple of cool things from early Jan, 2011 …
the first of which was JADED NYE. I had a wonderful time with lots of friends (although I greatly missed my sweetie, who was out of commission for awhile due to knee surgery..) and I was wearing a brand new pink latex dress with black latex thigh-highs and UV reactive blue lenses. Good times!!  (If you enjoy the following pictures, make sure to visit DARKWELL STUDIOS for more awesome art!!)

Jaded New Years Eve 2011 Party!

Jaded New Years Eve 2011 Party!

(with my wifey Rain in the background :) )

I spent the duration of New Years weekend staying with my kickass friend (and “photographer butt-buddy”) Shadow, and the lovely and sweet Starr. It was a great way to start off 2011!! We had lots of fun, and went out on a shooting adventure – we wanted to do some photos since we were hanging out together, and trudged off into the cold snowy woods … I wanted to grab more photos in my cute new dress, even though it was freezing outside!  I’m quite accustomed to putting myself through extreme discomfort sometimes for the sake of photography… teehee.  It was well worth it, because we came back with THESE!!!

These were all taken before Shadow’s camera suddenly fell from his hands and tumbled into the icy river.   Shadow was leaning a bit over the river bank to try and get a shot of my reflection in the water, when suddenly the camera’s safety clasp came undone.  I watched in horror as the camera seemed to fall in slow motion.  Shadow reacted fast and chased after it, jumping into the water and reaching his hand down.  He pulled it out of the water in a matter of seconds and removed the battery.  We gave it a little time and kept checking the camera to see if it was ok, but it stopped responding.  We spent the next couple of hours anxiously hoping that everything would be ok.  The clock ticked as it got closer to the evening and the time that we were to depart for Club X in Providence to go to Dominia’s post-Xmas/NY party, which he was to photograph.

Thankfully, after a few hours of drying with multiple fans… he turned the camera on, an hour before we left… and it came back to life!! =)   All was well!!   That was certainly a close call and nearly the first disaster of the year!  lol.

Dominia was nothing short of amazing – I’ve been having a really good time down in Providence going to these nights, the people who run it are really awesome, and I love the atmosphere of the club.  I just love Providence actually – I love the general feel of things and the friendliness of the people there.  Everyone seems so much nicer than the mean stuck-up people I often encounter in Boston.  I would seriously consider moving there if I stay on the east coast – especially now that they’ve legalized medicinal cannabis =)

Neon Green falls for Xmas!

Neon Green falls for Xmas!

Me and Starr having fun with Xmas tree decorations, haha

Me and Starr having fun with Xmas tree decorations, haha

Clubbing in Providence!

Clubbing in Providence! (Dominia at Club X!)

More on Facebook .……   those are my brand new glowy poi that David got me as a gift recently.  I love them, but I’ve got a lot of technique to learn!  It’s easy to spin them around but there’s so much more to it than that … if I practice and do well, eventually I’ll be able to play with FIRE and get back on the path of fire-dancing that I envisioned a couple years ago during my life-changing shroom trip in Amsterdam… hehehe.  That was when something was awakened inside of me… and I knew I wanted to be a dancer. I saw it as clear as day… dancing in front of a mirror by myself, I saw flames spiraling all around me.   Never in my life had I ever considered such a thing, and I didn’t really know where it was coming from at the time, but after that journey, I came back home, and within days started go-go dancing at clubs, and got hired right away by one!  It’s led to so many cool things … it’s a huge part of who I am now.  I also want to get better at burlesque, pole dancing, and hula hooping…  hopefully I’ll learn them all =)   I also became interested in learning ballet recently, but I think it’s probably a little too late in life to pick something like that up, haha.   oh well, can’t do EVERYthing.

Ok!  Moving along…  I know I’m forgetting some other stuff in January, but here’s the next thing I have pictures for.  lol.   These are from the red carpet premiere of the independent film I was in – a drinking comedy called LEGLESS !      To explain that further…   myself and Morte McAdaver (my supervillian partner in auditory assault) put together the theme song for this film after being contacted by Mr. Rick Chandler.  We had a fucking awesome time doing it – it was done kinda Metalocalypse style, just a really goofy metal song with lyrics summing up the plot.  (You can hear that on my free music page, and I highly recommend reading the lyrics as you listen to it, you’ll enjoy it MUCH more :))

Lilith Astaroth and Morte McAdaver

Lilith Astaroth and Morte McAdaver

The film came out really great and it was quite funny.  It went over very well with the audience.  Also at the premiere were Janice and James of “Life With Janice and James” – they were doing interviews with the cast, and hopefully I’ll have a link to share on Youtube whenever that goes up.   Here’s a couple more pics :)

Lilith and Kate!

Awww.  Isn’t this a freaking adorable picture?!?!  This is me with Kate =)   For the music video, I had the amazing and sexxxy idea of doing a scene with absinthe fairies making out.  (There’s a part in the movie where one of the characters gets so wasted on absinthe he hallucinates them)…. so, with the help of my bestest friend MARKkkkk, we were able to make my vision a reality.  He brought me into contact with  two lovely ladies – Kate, and Emily!   Kate was my cute green fairy sister, and Emily (Lamkin) was the one who covered us from head to toe in greeeeeeeeeeen using an airbrush system.  It took hours upon hours upon hours, and we got green makeup all over Mark’s bedsheets and some of the walls, but it came out fucking EPIC!!!   I do plan on sharing the music vid as well, although there was a problem with the audio syncing that has to be fixed before it goes up, so hopefully that will get taken care of soon, cuz its a pretty great video for a pretty great movie =)

And last but not least… myself and Mr. Chandler – writer, director, and new organizer of the Boston Film Family.  It was really great working with him and Rick senior – he also directed the Pandora’s Toybox video for “Down in the Mire” – which I can be seen and heard in.  I’m looking forward to working in his next project, “Scrooge in the Hood” as well as “Gilgamesh” later on!

Lilith Astaroth and Rick Chandler

One of the coolest things about this movie premiere was where it was held — at the Reagent Theater in Arlington, the town I grew up in!!  I actually grew up about 10 blocks down the street from where it is in Arlington Center, and I’d never been there to see anything before, although they’ve certainly had some great events I’ve wanted to attend – it was pretty surreal that the first time I actually went there was to see a movie I was in.  It was pretty awesome seeing myself on the big screen in the town I grew up in.  Kind of a nice milestone for 2011!  aww.

Well, that’s it for now, I definitely have other things to share, so stay tunedddddddddddd  \m/

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